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Bearing Failure Analysis

Bearings Plus can offer technical support in diagnosing bearing damage and problems. Through bearing failure analysis, we can provide recommendations to cure or eliminate the source of failure.

Technical support is offered for bearing inspections, and supervisory support is available for bearing installation and troubleshooting.

The types of failure analyzed and the tools utilized by our engineering and technical services group include, but are not limited to, the following.

Types of Failure

  • Babbitt fatigue
  • Bond failure
  • Brinelling and fretting wear in bearing pads and shells
  • Babbitt wiping and overload conditions
  • Babbitt creep and thermal ratcheting
  • Cavitation damage
  • Electrical shaft current damage
  • Scoring by foreign matter or dirt
  • Corrosion damage
  • Pad flutter
  • Porosity and blisters in babbitted bearings

To learn more about common types of bearing damage, visit the Waukesha Bearings Bearing Damage Index


Analytical Tools 

  • Metallurgical analysis of babbitted pads and bearing shells 
  • Experimental and analytical stress analysis of bearing components
  • Macroscopic and microscopic analysis and micrographs of sectioned bearing parts
  • Analysis of thrust bearing stresses and loads at static and misalignment conditions
  • Vibration analysis and calculation of the static and dynamic loads on the bearings
  • Analysis of power loss, heat generation and lubricant flow requirements 
  • Inspection and analysis of bearing assembly and interference fits (taking into account both the housing and the bearing shell flexibility)
  • Testing of radial and thrust bearings for a wide range of sizes and speeds
  • Testing to measure power loss, bearing metal temperatures, oil inlet and outlet temperatures, stiffness and damping coefficients at various speeds and loading conditions
  • Testing in oil, water and other fluids to simulate actual lubricant conditions, especially for process-lubricated bearings


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