Thrust pad manufacturing

Bearings Plus provides unparalleled scientific knowledge and technical leadership in the fluid film bearing aftermarket space.

As the aftermarket arm of Waukesha Bearings®, Bearings Plus has access to the highest level of engineering expertise. In addition to repairs, replacements and reverse engineering, we can provide comprehensive rotordynamic analysis to validate original builds for OEMs or to diagnose problems and propose the right solutions for end users.

Our expert team applies proven technologies and innovative designs, then manufactures the necessary components to produce a complete, custom-engineered solution.

Rotordynamic Analysis

Bearings Plus offers a full rotordynamic analysis, evaluating bearing and seal characteristics simultaneously to better understand the independent effect of each component. The result: optimized bearings and seals that provide smooth, stable and predictable operation for years of trouble-free service.

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Example of rotor model for rotordynamic analysis

Bearing Failure Analysis

Bearings Plus provides expert technical support in diagnosing the causes of bearing damage, and can offer recommendations to cure or eliminate the source of the problem. Support is also available for bearing inspections and troubleshooting.

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Repairs and Replacements

Bearings Plus is a service-oriented shop for bearing repairs on your most critical applications. We also have comprehensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities to repair, replace or retrofit seals for improved turbomachinery efficiency. We restore bearings and seals to peak performance to maximize your plant’s effectiveness.

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Bearing Upgrades

Bearings Plus delivers custom technology upgrades to improve stability, control vibrations, eliminate pivot wear and address a myriad of other challenges. BPI has upgraded bearings on numerous compressors, blowers, fans, turbines, expanders, motors, generators, pumps and gearboxes, delivering lasting performance.

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