Fixed Profile Bearings

Fixed profile bearings are typically used in applications with relatively good stability, low loads, and fairly consistent operating conditions.

Fluid film bearings operate on a hydrodynamic film, formed by a converging geometry, relative motion of a rotor and stator, and a viscous fluid. In fixed profile journal bearings, the converging geometry can be provided by the slight difference in bearing bore and shaft diameter. Additional stability can be provided through the machining of various lobe configurations. In fixed geometry thrust bearings, a converging geometry is machined into the bearing face.

The geometry is optimized to the application. For increased stability and to accommodate misalignment or varying operating conditions, tilt pad bearings are usually implemented.

Multi-lobe sleeve bearing

Sleeve Bearings

Bearings Plus applies design variables such as lobe geometry, number of lobes, bearing material and lubrication to optimize performance.

Fixed profile thrust bearing with tilt pad journal bearing

Thrust Plates

Thrust plates are available with a simple or compound taper design, depending on load capacity. Material options include babbitt, copper, bronze and polymer.