Tilt Pad Bearings

Tilt pad bearings are used across industries to provide high stability in challenging operating conditions.

Bearings Plus applies its extensive design expertise to optimize such features as pad size, pad number, pad arc, pivot type and offset, bearing clearance, preload and material to achieve specific performance requirements. These features can also be tuned to achieve goals such as reduced power loss and lower bearing temperatures.

Ball and socket tilt pad journal bearing from Bearings Plus

Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

Tilt pad journal bearings can be designed to address stability issues, accommodate varying conditions, handle misalignment or optimize other bearing performance parameters.

Tilt pad thrust bearing with leveling pads

Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

Tilt pad thrust bearings are often used in place of thrust plates to accommodate changing conditions or misalignment.

Combination tilt pad bearing with instrumentation

Where limited axial space is available, combination thrust/journal bearing designs may be used.