Repairs & Upgrades

Do-What-It-Takes Service

When rotating equipment goes down unexpectedly, productivity and profit go down too, and every hour counts. That’s why Bearings Plus provides around-the-clock, do-what-it-takes service for fluid film bearings and seals – some of the most influential components in rotating equipment performance and reliability.

Based out of Houston, Bearings Plus repairs, manufactures and designs bearings and seals for rotating equipment across the oil & gas, processing, power generation, and industrial markets worldwide.

Frame 7FA gas turbine bearing before and after repair
Bearing analysis and repair

State-of-the-Art Support

We work hard to get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible – and more effectively than before. Expert repairs are supported by in-house babbitting capabilities, state-of-the-art machines, and quality inspections.

In addition, our relationship with Waukesha Bearings® gives us access to the highest level of engineering expertise to address the root causes of bearing damage and machine vibrations.

We provide comprehensive analyses paired with proven solutions for common challenges in rotating machinery, including not only vibrations but also pivot wear, power loss and high temperatures.

“I want customers to know that they can rely on our experience and expertise. The minute a rush job comes in, my day is not the same anymore. It gets my adrenaline going. When we get a rush job, our dedication and commitment are at 100 percent.”
Javier Delgado, Designer, Bearings Plus

Customer Focus

Our customers frequently need a quick, quality solution, and the team at Bearings Plus delivers. Designers, machinists, sales and quality control collaborate to ensure the smooth progress of your solution through the shop and out the door back to you.

Journal bearing manufacturing
Flexure Pivot tilt pad journal bearing featuring ISFD technology

A Long List of Upgrade Successes

Bearings Plus provides replacements and upgrades for both fixed profile and tilt pad bearings, and offers proprietary product solutions to improve stability, control vibrations, eliminate pivot wear and address a myriad of other challenges.

BPI has upgraded bearings on numerous integrally geared compressors, multi-stage compressors, blowers, fans, steam and gas turbines, expanders, motors, generators, pumps and gearboxes. Our past successes speak for themselves.

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Comprehensive Repair Capabilities

Bearings Plus is a service-oriented shop with extensive bearing repair capabilities for fluid film bearings from any supplier.

We handle fixed profile and tilt pad designs of thrust, journal and combination bearings – at diameters up to 36″. Our service team can also refurbish, replace or retrofit labyrinth seals, brush seals, damper seals and babbitted oil film floating seals.

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In-house babbitting
Combination journal/thrust horizontal bearing assembly and a fixed profile thrust bearing

Proven Bearing & Seal Solutions

Bearings Plus sets the standard for the engineering, manufacturing and repair of fluid film bearings and sealing solutions.

Our product portfolio is expertly applied to improve efficiency and service life of rotating equipment across the oil & gas, power generation and industrial markets.

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