Bearing Repairs & Replacements

Extensive Repair Capabilities

Bearings Plus is a service-oriented shop with extensive bearing repair capabilities for fluid film bearings from any supplier. We handle fixed profile and tilt pad designs of thrust, journal and combination bearings – at diameters up to 36″.

Our service team can also refurbish, replace or retrofit labyrinth seals, brush seals, damper seals and babbitted oil film floating seals.

In-house babbitting
Frame 7FA gas turbine bearing before and after repair

Advanced Equipment, Experienced Personnel

In-house babbitting, multiple computer numerically controlled (CNC) and electrical discharge machining (EDM) machines, and manual mills and lathes, together with experienced craftspeople, mean that all of the work on a bearing or seal can take place on-site, saving customers time and money.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, specialized measurement machines and robust quality inspections ensure the work is done with precision, as well as speed.

If a replacement bearing is needed, missing drawings are not a problem. The BPI team can reverse engineer a bearing or provide a custom design.
501FG thrust bearing repair

Common Repairs

  • Resurfacing worn tilt pad journal and thrust bearings
  • Grinding links and pads
  • Removing rust
  • Adding coatings

Bearing Upgrades

Bearings Plus also provides custom-engineered bearing upgrades, often as a drop-in retrofit, to address system stability, vibrations, re-rates, bearing temperatures and more.

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Bearing Failure Analysis

Bearings Plus provides expert technical support in diagnosing the causes of bearing damage, and can offer recommendations to cure or eliminate the source of the problem. Support is also available for bearing inspections and troubleshooting.

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