Thrust Bearings

Bearings Plus thrust bearings are engineered for reliability and efficiency.

Each bearing’s design is determined by the parameters of the application, including load, speed and temperature requirements.

We can custom fit most thrust bearing replacements and upgrades to the envelope of original OEM bearings while addressing challenges such as high bearing temperatures, misalignment, overload, pivot wear and babbitt fatigue.

Fixed profile thrust bearing

Thrust Plates

For applications with low axial loads, limited space and negligible misalignment, Bearings Plus designs and supplies thrust plates with simple or compound taper land faces.

Ball and socket tilt pad thrust bearing

Tilt Pad Bearings

Tilt pad thrust bearings are tuned for optimum performance. Tilt pad style and number, pad size, pad material, and lubrication type are all carefully selected to meet the operating requirements.

Polymer-lined tilt pad thrust bearings

Polymer Bearings

Polymer-lined thrust bearings can expand bearing operating limits and increase reliability compared to babbitt bearings, allowing operation with high loads and temperatures or in low-viscosity fluids.

Bearing Repairs

Bearings Plus provides complete replacements, repair and rebabbitting for tilt pad and fixed profile bearings, all backed by robust quality inspections.

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Bearing Upgrades

Bearings Plus provides custom-engineered bearing upgrades, often as a drop-in retrofit, to address system stability, vibrations, re-rates, bearing temperatures and more.

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Rotordynamic Analysis

Rotordynamic analysis evaluates bearing and seal characteristics simultaneously to better understand the independent effect of each component, optimizing performance for the application.

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