Polymer Thrust Bearings

Polymer-lined thrust bearings can expand bearing operating limits and increase reliability compared to babbitt bearings.

Engineered polymers use bearing grade materials to improve self-lubrication and heat dissipation, allowing polymer bearings to operate with thinner hydrodynamic films and at higher temperatures. Engineered polymers also provide excellent embedability, corrosion resistance and anti-galling properties to prevent damage and extend bearing life.

Polymer-lined bearings can serve as direct replacements for babbitt components or be incorporated into new designs to extend operating limits.

Polymer-lined steel-backed thrust pad

Technical Data

  • Loads up to 10 MPa (1500 psi)
  • Temperatures up to 250°C (482°F)
  • Operation with low-viscosity lubricants
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Embedability similar to babbitt’s
  • Electrical insulation

Typical Applications

  • Downhole pumps – operation with high loads and high temperatures
  • Gas turbines – to withstand heat soak without the need for back-up lubrication
  • ORC turbines – to sustain the thin films associated with the low-viscosity working fluid/lubricant
  • Water- and process-lubricated pumps, motors and compressors
  • High speed and high temperature applications with limited oil cooling
  • Machines with sump or non-circulating lubrication
  • Motors and generators – to prevent damaging currents from passing through the bearing and housing