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Land-Based Gas Turbine Brush Seals

GT Brush Seal

Industrial gas turbines have adopted the brush seal in three primary locations: hot gas path interstage sealing, compressor section inter-barrel sealing, and bearing sump.

Bearings Plus has provided hundreds of gas turbine brush seals for the most common GE Frame 9, 7, 6, and 5 models and the Westinghouse 501 series. Bearings Plus brush seals are manufactured using the latest CNC technology, including precision wire EDM, which allows us to hold tight tolerances and dimensions.

Over time, as brush seals are subjected to multi-year duty cycles, replacement of the brush seals becomes a requirement. Unlike conventional brush seals, the Bearings Plus modular brush seal assembly has three components: a bristle strip, a top plate, and a back plate. Our modular assembly allows the replacement of the bristle strip without having to replace the entire seal. Recycling the seal plates and replacing the bristle strip make Bearings Plus brush seals reparable. Our unique modular assembly can reduce replacement cost by up to 30% when compared to the alternative approach of replacing the entire seal.

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