Bearings Plus

Improved Efficiency & Service Life

Bearings Plus sets the standard for the engineering, manufacturing and repair of fluid film bearings and sealing solutions. Our product portfolio is expertly applied to improve efficiency and service life of rotating equipment across the oil & gas, power generation and industrial markets.

Fluid Film Bearings

Bearings Plus offers a complete line of hydrodynamic fluid film bearings. Journal and thrust bearings are available in fixed profile and tilt pad designs, including rocker back, ball and socket, and our optimum performance Flexure Pivot® tilt pad. In addition, our patented ISFD® technology – an integral squeeze film damper – is available to increase dynamic stability.

With a variety of proven designs, bearing sizes ranging from 7 mm (0.3″) to more than 910 mm (36″), and years of experience supplying critical applications, Bearings Plus can design and manufacture a bearing solution to your exact specifications.

hydrodynamic fluid film bearings

Our precision manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance systems achieve the tight tolerances required for peak performance.

Fixed geometry journal/thrust bearing

Fixed Profile Bearings

For applications with relatively good stability and low loads, Bearings Plus provides a range of fixed profile geometries for journal and thrust bearings.

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Combination tilt pad journal/thrust bearing

Tilt Pad Bearings

Bearings Plus applies its extensive design expertise to optimize tilt pad journal and thrust bearings to achieve specific performance parameters.

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ISFD technology in a Flexure Pivot TPJ bearing

Integral Squeeze Film Damper

Our ISFD technology provides precise stiffness and damping to meet rotordynamic requirements, and is suitable for both new and retrofit installations.

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Sealing Systems

Sealing Systems

Bearings Plus fixed geometry and compliant sealing systems are applied to the full range of rotating equipment, including gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, pumps, turbo-expanders, and electric machinery.

By providing the industry with high-quality seals, BPI has improved efficiency and solved rotordynamic vibration problems in countless machines for end users and OEMs.

Our sealing systems are engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art engineering tools and manufacturing practices.

Repairable brush seal

Brush Seals

Our patented brush seal technology is used in air, steam or process gas applications to reduce the leakage gap and increase operational efficiencies.

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Honeycomb damper seal

Damper Seals

Bearings Plus damper seal technologies combine leakage control and system damping for reliable rotordynamic operation in high-performance applications.

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Thermoplastic laby seal

Labyrinth Seals

We custom engineer labyrinth seals to each application, including thermoplastic labyrinth seals for improved efficiency in multi-stage centrifugal compressors.

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