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Squeeze Film Dampers


ISFD® Technology

Squeeze film dampers are used to shift critical speeds and/or to increase the dynamic stability of the rotor/bearing system. One of the key features of a squeeze film damper is the introduction of support flexibility and damping in the bearing/support structure. This translates to lower transmitted forces and longer bearing life, particularly for machinery designed to operate at super critical speeds.

Our patented, integral centering spring squeeze film dampers provide an accurate and simple approach to new and retrofit installations requiring squeeze film bearings. Our ISFD design, optimized with finite element methods and manufactured with wire EDM process, offers many advantages over other designs such as squirrel-cage or O-ring squeeze film dampers.


Key Benefits of ISFD Technology

The ISFD design is the only commercially available damper design that provides:

  • Precise stiffness and damping to match rotordynamic requirements
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Shaft centering ability
  • Split configuration for compliance with API specifications dictating split bearings configuration

Unlike O-ring dampers, our design takes thrust loading and offers linear stiffness unaffected by temperature or age. Unlike squirrel cage dampers, our dampers maintain parallelism between the damper journal and housing.

ISFD technology can be integrated into:


Case Studies: Proven Performance in the Field

   Optimized Bearings and Dampers Provide Long-term Solution to Vibrations

   Integral Squeeze Film Damper Reduces Vibrations, Increases Production

   ISFD Technology Eliminates Subsynchronous Vibrations on Steam Turbine to Achieve Full Power Output


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