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Fluid Film Bearings

Bearings Plus offers a complete line of hydrodynamic fluid film bearings for rotating machinery. Journal and thrust bearings are available in fixed profile or sophisticated tilt pad designs, including rocker back, ball and socket, and our optimum performance Flexure Pivot® tilt pad. In addition, the patented ISFD® design – an integral squeeze film damper – is available to increase dynamic stability.

With a variety of proven designs, bearing sizes ranging from 9.5 mm (0.375") to over 910 mm (36"), and years of experience supplying critical applications, Bearings Plus can design and manufacture a bearing solution to your exact specifications.

  • Journal, thrust and combination bearings
  • Fixed profile (plain) and tilt pad designs
  • Optimized designs for a wide range of speeds and loads
  • Proven solutions for common challenges in rotating machinery, such as vibrations, pivot wear and power loss
  • Precise manufacturing


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