Pocketed Damper Seals

50 to 100 Times More Damping

Pocketed damper seals are a superior alternative to conventional labyrinth seals. Individual teeth, similar to those of a labyrinth seal, are machined with dams that provide damping and prevent gas swirl. Additional notches create diverging flow and additional damping.

This design reduces or eliminates machine vibrations while providing 50 to 100 times more damping than conventional labyrinth seals.

TAMSEAL pocketed damper seal
TAMSEAL pocketed damper seal

Tolerant to Fouling

Pocketed damper seals are tolerant to fouling and particulate build-up, which can affect honeycomb or hole pattern seals in working with fluids containing impurities.

Short Seal Length

Pocketed damper seals can also be used in applications requiring a short seal length or small L/D, whereas honeycomb and hole pattern seals require a significant axial length for effective operation. This characteristic allows the pocketed damper seal to be used in areas where the axial envelope is limited, such as impeller eye seal locations.


  • Provide 50 to 100 times more damping than conventional labyrinth seals
  • Withstand high pressure, while honeycomb seals are limited by the strength of the brazing bond
  • Insensitive to fouling – not affected by the cleanliness of the process gas
  • Short axial length to provide excellent damping at impeller eye and shaft interstage seals
  • Require no modifications to the rotor or housing
  • Accepted and field proven by industry leaders


Pocketed damper seals from Bearings Plus are engineered in-house using a benchmarked and proven bulk-flow analysis tool, which is able to optimize the leakage and dynamic coefficients for a specific application.

Pocketed damper seals can be manufactured using conventional metals or high-performance polymers such as PEEK.

Typical Applications

  • Rotating machinery operating in compressible fluids
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Turboexpanders

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