Expert Service for Your 7EA Gas Turbines

Bearing Repair and Refurbishment

Our service team can repair, refurbish or replace fluid film bearings from any supplier. Repairs are supported by in-house babbitting capabilities, specialized measurement machines and quality inspections.

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Frame 7FA gas turbine bearing before and after repair

Refurbishable Brush Seals

Bearings Plus brush seals reduce air leakage and increase operational efficiencies. Flexible sizing and a replaceable bristle pack allow for quick turnaround times, easy installation and seal repair.

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Gas turbine brush seal
Bearing analysis

Rotordynamic Analysis

Whether we are working on a new design or repairing an existing one, a rotordynamic analysis can optimize the dynamic characteristics of bearings and seals for individual operating conditions.

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Improve your turbine’s efficiency and service life with Bearings Plus.

Experience Performance

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