501D5-D5A Bearing and Seal Service

Restore Peak Performance

Bearings Plus specializes in the repair, replacement and upgrade of fluid film bearings and seals. Our team combines a commitment to customer responsiveness with a deep understanding of system rotordynamics — helping you get your rotating equipment back up and running, better than before.

In-house babbitting

Bearing Repair and Refurbishment

Our service team can repair, refurbish or replace fluid film bearings from any supplier. Repairs are supported by in-house babbitting capabilities, specialized measurement machines and quality inspections.

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Turbine Optimization

Along with the rotor, the bearings and seals are the most influential components in rotating equipment vibrations. Bearings Plus can develop rotor models, characterize unbalance and destabilizing forces, and recommend solutions to address high vibration and stability issues.

The end result: improved overall performance and service life for the equipment.

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Flexure Pivot tilt pad design

High-Performing Bearings & Seals

Tilt pad journal bearing for high-speed gearbox (TJ series bearing)

Journal Bearings

Bearings Plus designs journal bearings to specific operating conditions. With fixed profile and tilt pad designs, we can replace or upgrade original bearings to improve the stability, reliability and service life of your turbines.
Tilt pad thrust bearing with instrumentation

Thrust Bearings

We can custom fit most thrust bearing replacements and upgrades to the envelope of original OEM bearings, while addressing challenges such as high bearing temperatures, misalignment, overload, pivot wear and babbitt fatigue.
501F gas turbine repairable brush seal

Brush Seals

Increase operational efficiencies with compliant, repairable brush seals. Made with backward-angled alloy bristles, brush seals are immune to rubbing and maintain original clearance longer than labyrinth seals alone.

Bearing Damage Index

Visit our Bearing Damage Index to learn more about the potential causes of bearing damage and to identify possible solutions.

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Failure Analysis

When fluid film bearings suffer damage, the cause may be obscure. Often, several factors combine to result in a failure.

Bearings Plus provides expert technical support to help pinpoint the cause and mode of failure — and determine how to address it to maximize machine uptime. Let us put our analytical tools, application knowledge and proven solutions to work for you.

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501FG tilt pad journal bearing repair (before)