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Industries Served


Bearings Plus serves the oil & gas industry.

Oil & Gas

As the demand for energy grows around the world, so do the demands put on the equipment operating in the oil & gas industry. Depleting oil and natural gas reserves require higher performing rotating equipment that places extraordinary demands on rotor-bearing systems.

Bearings Plus fluid film bearings are used at almost every state of oil & gas production – in pumps, compressors, turbo-expanders and motors used in the extraction, refining, transport, and storage of oil and natural gas. Advanced bearing features and material options all help drive performance to new levels, particularly in remote and subsea oil & gas applications.

Machine owners turn to Bearings Plus as they take their equipment to new levels of performance, reliability, and availability.


Bearings Plus serves the power generation industry.

Power Generation

Owners of large-scale electric power generation facilities face many challenges as they meet the rising demand for energy. Rising fuel costs, environmental concerns, and requirements for increased power density and operational flexibility all lead to challenges for rotor-bearing systems.  Plus, premature and unnecessary bearing failure can contribute to downtime and maintenance headaches, along with labor, safety and environmental concerns.

Regardless of the application, Bearings Plus has the knowledge, testing capabilities, and engineering expertise to help power generation customers increase performance, improve machine reliability, and maximize profit.


Bearings Plus serves the marine industry.


The marine industry demands high levels of performance and reliability, whether in the propulsion system or ship-service power generation.

Bearings Plus provides precision engineering and testing analysis capabilities for hydrodynamic bearing configurations for marine propulsion systems that are highly reliable and high-performing.




Bearings Plus serves industrial markets.

Industrial Markets

Bearings Plus offers precision engineering and analysis to repair and upgrade bearings to handle even the most extreme machinery requirements. From high speeds and loads to the need for operational flexibility, Bearings Plus has the solution to get you back up and running efficiently.



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