Bearings Plus journal bearings are designed to specific operating conditions for optimum performance.

With fixed profile and tilt pad designs, including the compact Flexure Pivot® tilt pad, Bearings Plus can replace or upgrade original bearings to improve the stability, reliability and service life of your rotating equipment.

Combination journal/thrust bearings are available in various configurations for applications with limited axial space.

Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve bearings are a simple and economical design with wide application in rotating machinery. Several lobe configurations are available depending on operating conditions.

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Tilt Pad Bearings

Tilt pad journal bearings provide an inherently stable design. Bearings Plus provides several pad pivot types and geometries to optimize machine performance.

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Flexure Pivot® Tilt Pad Bearings

Flexure Pivot tilt pad journal bearings achieve high stability while eliminating pivot wear, high contact stresses and pad flutter than can affect conventional tilt pad designs.

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Bearing Repairs

Bearings Plus provides complete replacements, repair and rebabbitting for tilt pad and fixed profile bearings, all backed by robust quality inspections.

Bearing Upgrades

Bearings Plus provides custom-engineered bearing upgrades, often as a drop-in retrofit, to address system stability, vibrations, re-rates, bearing temperatures and more.

Rotordynamic Analysis

Rotordynamic analysis evaluates bearing and seal characteristics simultaneously to better understand the independent effect of each component, optimizing performance for the application.