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Analytical Capabilities

As a Waukesha Bearings® business, Bearings Plus has access to the highest level of engineering expertise. The expert engineers at Waukesha Bearings and Bearings Plus can provide comprehensive rotordynamic analysis to validate original builds for OEMs or to diagnose problems and propose the right solutions for end users.

Our industry-leading analytical tools include transfer matrix, polynomial transfer matrix and finite element–based rotordynamic analysis tools. The accuracy of our analyses and predictions allows us to optimize the dynamic characteristics of bearings and seals for your individual operating system to ensure optimal performance, whether it is for a new bearing design or repair on an existing design.

Upon receipt of the relevant rotor and coupling information, Waukesha Bearings and BPI engineers typically build a rotor model and then analyze the bearings and seals using proprietary codes. The customer receives a comprehensive report of the findings, based on the type and scope of analysis performed.

BPI can also review field vibration data to recommend solutions for improved stability.


Sample Rotor ModelOur analytical services include:


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