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Bearings Plus provides unparalleled scientific knowledge and technical leadership to improve efficiency and service life of rotating machinery. Our expert team applies proven technologies and innovative designs and then manufactures the necessary components and hardware to produce a complete, custom-engineered solution.

Bearings Plus offers design upgrades as firsthand solutions and can provide second opinions when users work directly with OEMs.



Bearing and Seal Repairs, Replacements and Upgrades

GE Frame 7FA bearing repair by BPIWith 24/7 operations and a global presence, Bearings Plus is a service-oriented shop for bearing repairs and custom technology upgrades on your most critical applications. BPI also has comprehensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities to repair, replace or retrofit seals for improved turbomachinery efficiency.

We restore fluid film bearings and seals to peak performance to maximize your plant’s effectiveness.

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Review examples of bearing repair and refurbishment by BPI.

Review examples of bearing upgrades by BPI. 



Analytical Services

Sample Rotor ModelBPI’s technical support capabilities are unmatched in the industry. As part of our state-of-the-art analytical services, we offer a full rotordynamic analysis, evaluating the bearing and seal characteristics simultaneously to better understand the independent effect of each component. 

The result: optimized bearings and seals that provide smooth, stable and predictable operation for years of trouble free service.

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Field Services

In addition to having a brand-new manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, Bearings Plus offers on-site support to customers around the world. Bearings Plus experts will come to you for:

  • Field installation of bearings, seals and dampers
  • Field inspections/diagnostics of existing components
  • Training seminars on bearings, vibrations and rotordynamics


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