Bearing Damage Index

Lining Extrusion and Cracking

Lining extrusion and cracking may be caused by overheating, which can reduce the strength of linings so that the material yields and cracks from the effect of normal and shear forces transmitted through very thin oil films. Wiping does not necessarily occur under such conditions.

Addressing the Damage

Fit new or reconditioned bearing pads. To prevent future damage, investigate and, if possible, reduce the maximum operating temperatures.

Lining extrusion on thrust pads

Figure 1: Cracking of whitemetal lining due to operation at excessively high temperatures; note displacement of whitemetal over the edge of the pad due to extrusion

Lining extrusion on a thrust pad

Figure 2: Cracking and displacement of whitemetal lining of pad due to overheating under steady load conditions