Bearing Design, Repairs & Upgrades

Optimized Bearings and Dampers Provide Long-term Solution to Vibrations

Over a 13-year span, a major South American oil company’s maintenance department fought recurring high vibrations in three gas reinjection compressor trains. To reduce the likelihood of machine trips, technicians field balanced each compressor once or twice a year and replaced the worn tilt pad journal bearings and O-ring dampers yearly.

The downtime from implementing these preventative measures and from trips in the compressor trains resulted in 1% capacity loss each year and additional flaring of the gas.

A thorough analysis of the compressors and an inspection of damaged components pointed to a two-part solution: Flexure Pivot® tilt pad journal bearings and ISFD® technology, an integral squeeze film damper.

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Advanced Analysis

Whether we are working on a new design or repairing an existing one, a rotordynamic analysis can optimize the dynamic characteristics of bearings and seals for individual operating conditions, providing years of trouble-free service.

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Bearing Upgrades

Bearings Plus provides custom technology upgrades to improve stability, accommodate rerates, eliminate pivot wear and address many other challenges. Our upgrades on compressors, blowers, fans, turbines, expanders, motors, generators, pumps and gearboxes have delivered lasting performance for numerous end users.

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Bearing Damage Resources

The cause of bearing damage may be obscure, and is frequently external to the bearing itself. Our Bearing Damage Index discusses common types of bearing damage, along with their likely causes and possible remedies.

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