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Short Course

Bearings Plus offers a short course in "Machinery Vibrations and Rotordynamics" which covers the following topics:

  • Basic techniques for reducing machinery vibration
  • Introduction to rotordynamics
  • Direct and cross-coupled stiffness and damping coefficients and their effect on rotordynamics
  • Design and application of fluid film bearings and insights into some rotordynamics fundamentals
  • Rotordynamic instability
  • Vibration damping devices for turbomachinery
  • Field cases showing the use of rotordynamics in solving vibration problem
  • Torsional vibration modeling and analysis
  • Liquid seals and their effect on pump rotordynamics
  • Gas seals and their effect on steam turbine and compressor rotordynamics
  • Making analysis and measurements work together
  • Oil-free bearings for turbomachinery
  • Introduction to computer modeling of rotordynamics
  • Transient analysis in rotordynamics
  • Computer modeling demonstration


Short Course Information Request

This is a five day course. The registration fee includes class notebook and daily refreshments during the morning and afternoon breaks. Attendance to each session is limited. To request more information on the next session offered, please complete and submit the following registration form. You can also contact sales at 888-980-5725.