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Damper Seals

Bearings Plus offers a wide variety of damper seal technologies for ensuring reliable rotordynamic operation for high performance applications. Damper seals are usually implemented into high pressure centrifugal compressors at the balance-piston, center-seal or impeller eye locations. Other applications include high-speed integrally geared compressors, turbo-expanders and steam turbines.

The three main types of damper seal technologies that Bearings Plus provides are honeycomb (HC) seals, hole pattern (HP) seals, and pocketed damper seals (PDS). These sealing technologies generate high effective damping compared to labyrinth seals, therefore enabling superior subsynchronous damping performance of rotating systems at high operating speeds.

Bearings Plus uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and engineering tools to ensure precise compliance with quality standards and specifications for each application. With our cutting-edge CNC technology and engineering practices, Bearings Plus is the clear choice as a supplier of dampers seals for high-performance turbomachinery.