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Damper Seals

Bearings Plus offers a wide variety of damper seal technologies for ensuring reliable rotordynamic operation for high performance applications. Damper seals are usually implemented into high pressure centrifugal compressors at the balance-piston, center-seal, or impeller eye locations.  Other applications include high speed integrally geared compressors, turbo-expanders, and steam turbines. The three main types of damper seal technologies that Bearings Plus provides includes Honeycomb seals (HC), Hole Pattern seals (HP), and Pocket Damper Seals (PDS). These sealing technologies generate high effective damping compared to labyrinth seals, therefore enabling superior subsynchronous damping performance of rotating systems at high operating speeds.

Bearings Plus uses the state of the art manufacturing processes and engineering tools to ensure precise compliance with quality standards and specifications for each application. Using cutting edge CNC technology and engineering practices, Bearings Plus is the clear choice as a supplier of dampers seals for high performance turbomachinery.


Honeycomb SealsHoneycomb

Honeycomb seals were initially used in the aerospace industry in air-breathing gas turbine engines as abradable stator components for high pressure turbine stages.  Later, the honeycomb seals were used in cryogenic rocket engine turbopumps as a damper seal at the balance piston location. Eventually this technology was adopted by the industrial market, which primarily focused on applications in high-pressure centrifugal compressor. Bearings Plus engineers these seals using a bulk-flow analysis tool to model the steady state and dynamic performance optimized for the specific application. Key metrics that are optimized include the required leakage and dynamic coefficients, which are evaluated in a complete rotordynamic analysis of the entire rotor-bearing system.


Hole Pattern SealsHole-Pattern

Hole Pattern seals were developed in efforts to simplify the manufacturing process from HC seals. These seals are usually manufactured from aluminum so that in the event of intermittent rotor-stator interaction, minimal damage is sustained by the rotor. Like the HC seal, the HP seal geometry and design is optimized and analyzed using a bulk-flow engineering program. Often times these seals are packaged with a swirl break to further enhance the effective damping and minimize the location of the effective damping cross-over frequency.


TAMSEAL™ - Pocketed Damper Seals

TAMSEAL is a superior alternative to conventional Labyrinth Seals. It reduces and eliminates machine vibrations while providing 50 to 100 times more damping than conventional Labyrinth seals. In addition to the high damping, PDS are tolerant to fouling and particulate build-up, which can be disadvantages when using HC or HP seals in working with fluids containing impurities. Pocket Damper Seals are also able to be used in applications requiring a short seal length or small L/D, whereas HC seals and HP seals require a significant axial length for effective operation. This characteristic allows the PDS to be used in areas where the axial envelope is limited, such as impeller eye seal locations. Like the HP and HC seals, PDS are engineered in-house using a benchmarked and proven bulk-flow analysis tool, which is able to optimize the leakage and dynamic coefficients for a specific application. Pocket Damper seals can be manufactured using conventional metals and also high performance plastics such as peek.

TAMSEAL applications include rotating machinery operating in compressible fluids - compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, etc.  They are available in conventional metals and high performance thermoplastics


Key Benefits:

  • Better alternative to honeycomb or labyrinth seals
  • Withstands high ΔP - honeycomb seals are limited by the strength of the brazing bond
  • Insensitive to fouling - not affected by the cleanliness of the process gas
  • Short axial length - can be designed to provide excellent damping at impeller eye and shaft interstage seals
  • Requires no modifications to the rotor or housing
  • Already accepted and field proven by the industry leaders



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