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Thrust Bearings

Bearings Plus offers a variety of thrust bearing designs, including:

The design is determined by the parameters of each application, depending on load, speed, temperature requirements and more. Thrust bearings are uniquely engineered to reduce power loss, oil flow and temperature to ensure reliability and efficiency.



Flexure Pivot Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

While standard tilt pad thrust bearings form a converging wedge through rocking motion of the pad pivot support, Flexure Pivot tilt pad bearings form a wedge through flexure of the post support, eliminating pivot wear and high contact stresses. These unique, patented fluid film thrust bearings reduce power loss and extend bearing life over a wide range of speeds, loads, and temperatures.

Major product applications include electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, engines, turbines, turbochargers, oil well drilling motors, marine shafts and other rotating machinery.


Key Benefits of Flexure Pivot Thrust Bearings

  • Retrofit in small envelopes. The Flexure Pivot thrust pad design permits retrofitting in a small space where only taperland or flat thrust plates would fit. This is an advantageous design flexibility which allows space saving and load capacity upgrades for existing thrust bearings.
  • Simple construction and manufacturing. The Flexure Pivot bearing construction is simple and contains fewer parts than conventional tilt pad bearings. Manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and inspection are much simpler than with other bearing types. The absence of moving parts eliminates wear and fretting in service.
  • Elimination of pad flutter. The rotational stiffness provided in the Flexure Pivot tilt pad bearing eliminates the pad flutter problem typically experienced on the inactive side of conventional tilt pad thrust bearings.
  • Higher load capacity in reverse rotation. Offset Flexure Pivot tilt pad thrust bearings can carry higher load capacities in reverse rotation than conventional tilt pad bearings giving them an additional benefit in certain high load applications.
  • Static and dynamic misalignment capability. Although the self-leveling links in standard tilt pad bearings provide some misalignment capability, the stack-up of tolerances on the pads and on the lower and upper leveling links consumes most of this capacity. Flexure Pivot tilt pad bearings are ground and lapped flush after assembly, ensuring adequate misalignment capability through their ability to flex and follow the runner. They are also more capable of handling the dynamic misalignment of the runner which causes excessive wear and fretting in standard type tilt pad bearings.
  • Design of the Flexure Pivot post support. The Flexure Pivot post support is designed to provide the excellent performance characteristics of conventional tilt pad thrust bearings.



Polymer-Coated Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

Polymer-coated tilt pad bearings have been successfully used in applications where conventional babbitted tilt pad bearings have fallen short. The polymer coating is impregnated with bearing grade materials to improve self-lubrication and heat dissipation. The patented pad pivot design allows much higher load capacity than conventional thrust bearing designs.

These bearings are laboratory tested to determine the load and temperature capacity. They provide excellent embeddability and anti-galling properties in comparison to the nonbabbitted bearing grade materials such as bronze and aluminum.


Typical Applications

  • Downhole pumps – high load and high temperature operation
  • Gas turbines – withstand heat soak without post lube
  • High speed and temperature applications with limited oil cooling
  • Process liquid lubricated or process fluid diluted lubricant machines
  • Machines with sump or non-circulating lubrication