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Journal Bearings

Bearings Plus offers a wide range of journal bearings (radial bearings) to support radial loads and turbomachinery. The diameter size can vary from less than one inch (25mm) to over 20 inches (500mm). Types of journal bearings include:

Combination designs, including both a journal bearing and a thrust bearing, are available when applications require limited axial space.



Flexure Pivot Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

The Flexure Pivot tilt pad design eliminates pivot wear, high contact stresses and pad flutter problems. It achieves the same low cross-coupling and high stability of a standard tilt pad bearing through flexure and rotation of the support web, instead of the rocking or sliding motion of a standard tilt pad. Our Flexure Pivot tilting pad bearing is offered in a standard line or can be customized to meet specific application needs. 


Key Benefits of Flexure Pivot Journal Bearings

  • Minimizes the manufacturing tolerance stack-up. The integral pad-pivot-retainer bearing design eliminates most of the manufacturing tolerance stack-up. This feature is a critical design parameter which has a direct impact on the rotor's stability, critical speed, and synchronous response characteristics.
  • Eliminates pivot wear and contact stresses. The Flexure Pivot tilt pad bearing design eliminates the pivot wear and brinelling associated with standard tilt pad bearings. This prevents degradation in performance with time, maintains the desired bearing preload, and provides a narrower spread in the stiffness and damping coefficients.
  • Simple one-piece design. Also available in split configuration, the Flexure Pivot journal bearing offers the performance of a tilt pad bearing and the simplicity of a sleeve bearing. Installation is easy and the pads never need an adjustment.
  • Available with very small wall thickness. In some cases, conventional sleeve bearings can be replaced with Flexure Pivot journal bearings without any requirement for housing modifications.
  • Inherently stable bearing design. Like a conventional tilt pad bearing, Flexure Pivot bearings are inherently stable, ensuring optimal rotordynamic characteristics. The rotational stiffness of the pivot is selected such that the destabilizing cross-coupled stiffness coefficients are negligible.
  • Eliminates pad flutter and spragging. The rotational stiffness increases the pad natural frequency and eliminates pad flutter and spragging often encountered on the unloaded pads in conventional standard tilt pad bearings.
  • Retro-fit small and miniature bearings. The advanced techniques utilized in the manufacturing of Flexure Pivot tilt pad bearings make them a good choice for retro-fitting small and miniature fluid film bearings and rolling element bearings.